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Establishing Healthy Sleep Habits

Updated: Mar 26

Did you know babies thrive on consistency & what comes next in their schedule? Here are some tips to help you achieve sleep success!

Consistent naps - focus on your babies wake windows and place them down for naps accordingly. Once wake windows have been established, a consistent nap schedule can be created.

Implement a bedtime routine - creating a set routine prior to bedtime will help your baby learn that sleep is near. This routine should not exceed 30 minutes & should take place around the same time each evening.

Set the stage for sleep - This helps baby learn the process of what comes next in their schedule. Setting the stage for sleep helps "cue" baby that it is time for rest. We want to ensure babies sleep space is dark, utilize a sound machine & place them in a sleep sack. All of these steps help them learn that sleep is near.

To learn more about establishing healthy sleep habits & why sleep plays a vital role in babies development, take my "Fundamentals to Sleep Success" class. During this live class presentation, we discuss everything you need to know to help you achieve sleep success!

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